What Kind Of Women Rich Men Prefer

what kind of woman rich men prefer

Rich men are always not lacking of money, and they have enjoyed the most expensive and the best stuffs in the world. For these wealthy men and millionaire, it’s much harder for them to seek an honest, loyal, kind, lovely and passionate woman who is not coming for their money. Only when the woman is enough excellent to attract the rich man, the real love does exist.

To be frank, there are two kinds of women who take the big chances to marry a rich man or millionaire.

#1 Attractive & sexy women

  • Blonde
  • Blue-eyed
  • Slim
  • 11-15 years younger than their male companion

Rich men always prefer such kind of woman who keeps good health and sexy body over a pretty face. More, these millionaires prefer beautiful smiles that great hair.

Take Kardashians as an example:

  • slim body
  • great legs
  • large breasts
  • round behind

#2 Intelligent Women

Rich men want someone they can talk to and know what they know. Politics, sports, art and noteworthy people (other rich entrepreneurs) you should know – at least the basics. When you open your mouth it should be all but class. Thinking that when you two go on a conversation, but both of you don’t have the common topic, how you start a harmonious & long term relationship.

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